Hans von Aiberg is a scientist, intellectual, writer, futurolog and journalist. He was born on the 14th of February, 1945 in Thornshavn, Far Öer. He studied Cosmology and Cosmogony in Freiburg and Kopenhagen Universities. In many scientific centers he worked as a researcher and lecturer. He chose ‘Khaniff Islam’ as religion and chose to become Turk as nationality. He knows Turkology, religious folklore and Islamic sciences very well. He caused thousands of atheists, more than 120 nonmuslims to believe in Allah, to become muslim and to become Turk.  Because his principle was to remain silent and deep, until he was 40, while he was accumulating scientific and religious knowledge, he avoided the ‘Worldly Fame’ which he defined as ‘The Aristocracy of Science’. In this period he continued his researches without propaganda, advertisement, with  the simplicity that suits to the Islamic modesty and scholar discipline. Besides his expertise fields, to complete his specialization in religion, he avoided from being ‘popular’. At first, because he was secretly muslim, he was shown a great interest by the international platform, but when he revealed that he was muslim, the scientific mafia in the hands of the Old Testament and the Crusading mentality censured his successes and prevented him from being mentioned about. He summarised his relations with the world against the Nobel, Mafia and the tricks of the officials as follows:

‘The biggest prize is being a muslim and it is given by ALLAH. ALLAH IS ENOUGH TO US!’

He is one of the 6 blackhole specialists of the world. He is the only whitehole specialist of the world, now, because Jorge Louis BORGES died in 1986. He alone established the Whitehole, Horn Hole, Aetherodynamics, Tachyodynamics theorems. He found the 5. mathematical operation which combines the concrete and the abstract numbers. He theorised the transinfinite mathematics. He is the founder of TOE=Theory of Everything, the deductive ‘Super Unified Fields’, 10 dimensional quants=Super Strings (or mini tunnels) theories. With Hawking, they produced common findings about ‘the blackhole vaporisation and the singular creation of the universe’. By making laboratory studies about ‘Kirlian Photography’ with Thelma Moss, he took the photograph of the ’Self’ and besides he put forth the thesis of fifth dimension=conscience and he proved it with fifth operation. Besides his theoretical findings, he is also an inventor. He discovered the algorithm and the analog systems in computers and the digital uses of the liquid chrystals. The ovens cooking meals with infrared microwaves in the space kitchen, the teflon matter which don’t hold dirt, the undangerous detergent etoksilate were discovered by a team which was managed by him. His fundamental drawings about the production of 3 dimensional Hologram TV=Holovision with laser ray is about to be developed. In the foreign and domestic media he wrote articles with his real name and his  nickname. (Omni, Unexpected, Unknown) He took place in the domestic media, in scientific magazines and periodic publishings. Although he became the editor-in-chief, the general publishing consultant and the editing coordinator in the most-selling newspapers, unfortunately he was known with his mystic features in which the readers were mostly interested.  He quit his job sorrowfully, because his knowledge which was based on Kuran wasn’t distinguished from fortune-telling which didn’t have any scientific base. Besides the whole of the applied sciences, Dr. Hans Aiberg knows much about the parapsychology-psychology and social sciences. He showed his talents in almost every branch as journalist with countless articles. Our writer shouldn’t be supposed as mechanic, rigid, and only a scientist. He expressed various excitements from witty remark writing to the orchestra leadership in ‘age groups’. Besides the Turkish literature, he is specialised in the Turkish music. He plays various musical instruments. Our writer knows 11 languages other than Turkish.


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